Which group of basic capabilities spans – A community lifeline

The Community Lifeline Program is a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) program that provides financial assistance to individuals and households who are unable to meet their basic needs as a result of a disaster. This assistance may include assistance with things like housing, food, medical care, and other essential needs.

The program is designed to help people kawaii makeup looks get back on their feet as quickly as possible after a disaster and is available to individuals and families who have been affected by a disaster and need assistance.

Now, let’s consider what the seven community lifelines are and what role each of them plays. This will help us identify the correct answer to the question, ‘Which set of core capabilities spans all seven community lifelines?’ It will also look at why we chose Recovery Group as the correct answer.

Community lifelines?

The Lifeline program focuses on providing basic needs assistance to those affected by a disaster.

Financial Assistance: Providing financial assistance to help individuals and households meet their basic needs after a disaster.

Transportation: Providing assistance with transportation needs, such as fuel for vehicles or funding for public transportation

Health: Ensuring that people have access to medical care and medicines after a disaster.

Communications Services: Ensuring that people have access to communication services, such as phone and internet service, after a disaster.

Fuel or vehicles: Providing assistance with dog kennel fan transportation needs, such as fuel for vehicles or funding for public transportation.

How to use the Community Lifelines?

The Community Lifeline Program is available to individuals and families who have been affected by a disaster and need assistance. This may include people who have lost their homes or been displaced by a disaster. This includes people who have damaged their homes or businesses and need to repair or rebuild.

The program is also available to people who may lose access to essential services, such as health care, food, or transportation, as a result of a disaster.

However, to be eligible for assistance through the Community Lifeline program, you must be a resident of the United States, and you must be affected by a disaster declared by the president or your state or local government. You must also be in need french bulldog meme of assistance and meet certain financial eligibility requirements.

Core Capability Groups in FEMA?

Plans for responding:

Ability to develop and maintain comprehensive disaster response plans, as well as the ability to coordinate and communicate effectively with other agencies and organizations.


This group coordinates and manages the response to a disaster. This includes the deployment of personnel and resources, the establishment of command and control centers, and the coordination of communications and logistics.

Effective communication:

It deals with establishing and maintaining effective communication systems and networks after a disaster. Think about the use of radio, satellite, and other communication technologies.

Capability Group in FEMA:

This is an important group of capability at FEMA when it comes to incident management. It is concerned with helping communities rebuild and return to normal after a disaster. The group is charged with providing financial assistance and support for long-term recovery efforts.

These core capability are critical for FEMA to effectively carry out its mission to help communities prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters gut health cleanse

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