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After you’re hired at The Dollar Tree, you can view and print paycheck stubs, tax information, 401K and benefits links, medical information, your work schedule, insurance information, and more. can log into the Dollar Tree portal. Related information.

So we will talk more about the main topic Compass Mobile Dollar Tree were Dollar Tree employees can login and use the site.

How To use Compass Mobile Dollar Tree Login Page

compass mobile dollar tree

However, if you are a new employee and unsure about accessing your account, the section below will guide you through the process.

Use the Compass Mobile Dollar Tree login to view your free annual employee data report, a record of all the information you’ve provided to The WorkNumber database. In addition, you can create a salary key that is intended for only one person at a time to access and process any earnings you provide in this report.

Accessing your Employee Data Report (EDR)

1. Click “Request Instant Online Report”

2. Select the state you are employed in

3. Select a reason for your request

4. Select whether to show your full SSN on the report or mask it

5. Click “Get Instant Online Report”

What is Pay Stub and How Can You Access It Online Via Dollar Tree?

A pay stub is a piece of paper that is given to an employee with each paycheck and shows how much money the employee has earned, as well as the amount taken out for taxes, insurance costs, etc. It comes down to maintaining good financial records.

Through the Doculivery system, Dollar Tree employees can check their pay stubs online after accessing their work schedule.

Does Dollar Tree pay every week?

Dollar Tree pays employees an average of $10 an hour, and they pay them on a bi-weekly basis. DollarTree pays more than the federal minimum wage, which means its employees earn more from their jobs than most other people in America.

Where do Dollar Tree products come from?

Dollar stores have been dumping grounds for off-brand products, but now they buy their inventory directly from major manufacturers such as Procter & Gamble, Heinz, Unilever, Coca-Cola, Energizer, Crayola, and General Mills.

Creating and managing Salary Keys

Note: In most cases, your consent to have a verifier access your income information has already been established at the time of application and you will not need to generate a Salary Key.


Dollar Tree is an affordable budget store chain in the United States that offers low-cost services to its customers.

When you are on the paystub site, it will not show your personal information. Plus, to help you find our Dollar Tree store that’s closest to you and has the items you want at a competitive price.

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